How To Spell BAD Words

That is, if you want to but could not avoid saying or seeing them. When you see them, replace them in your mind and recall the sound of the new spelling in your ear. Then imagine how a PARROT would say them and how a CHILD would write them:

1. What the POP!!! Go POP yourself!!!

2. To HAIL with your POPPING money!!!

3. Oh, SIT, FULL SIT!!! I lost it!!!

4. You ASHFALL!!! You’re such a BUD ASK!!!

5. How CUPID!!! Such a DUMP ASK!!!

6. Got another BITSY text message?!!

7. Get out, you SOUND OF A BITS!!!

8. They’re a bunch of MORE RUNS and INGGOTS!!!

9. A COUNT is a CUPID person.

10. That BITS is a HOARD, living in HOARD TOWN.

11. Don’t worry, that BUS TART will pay for it.

I know this post SOCKS. But please don’t make some CUPID comments. Or I’ll call the WordPress poll list. 🙂


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