The Sound Of Learning

In grade 5, our seating arrangement was divided by four long tables. Pupils with surnames beginning from letters O to Z (to my recollection) occupied the fourth one at the back. It looked like this:

sound of learning1

One day my mind was drifting during our Math class, thinking of our school’s all-girl drum and lyre corps. I wanted to join it, either as lyre player or drummer, but it was too late. My older friend was a drummer there, so I often watched their rehearsals after classes.

And so, as I drifted in reverie, I unconsciously began to beat our table with my hands, drumming indeed to the drum and lyre group’s beat.

♬    Ta-ga-dan tan-tan tan-tan-tan,

♬    Ta-ga-da-ga-dan tan-tan tan-tan-tan,

♬    Ta-ga-da-ga-dan tan-tan tan-tan-tan,

♬    Ta-ga-da-ga-dan tan-tan-tan-tan.

“Hey, you there, miss!” The drums stopped beating; I looked and was shocked to see everybody looking at me.

“Well, are you a drum and lyre member?”

“No, ma’am.” I wanted to turn into a mist and disappear into thin air.

“Then what were you practicing for?! You’ve been playing your drum there the whole time I was discussing the lesson here!”

That day I swallowed a whole drum, you know. 🙂 ⓜ


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