Order Is The Order Of The Work Day

The right hand can never substitute the left hand.
The right kind of lighting is dependent on the size of the room.


You don’t plant a tree in a flower pot.
You don’t use a cup to dip water from the well.
You don’t push your bicycle to run the full speed of a motorcycle.


DISCOMFORT should tell you that you NEED to
(1) change the way you sit, or
(2) change your seat.



6 thoughts on “Order Is The Order Of The Work Day

        • [whispers] That’s just between the two of us. It’s not an expert opinion. But I think I make good observations with my four eyes, plus the fact that I’m amazed every time I see someone writing with their left hand. πŸ˜‰

            • That meanie girl! If I were a leftie and she said that to me, I’d dare her, “Why don’t you write with your left hand and let’s see your handwriting?!” πŸ˜† But I’ll make sure I can also write with my right hand–she might throw the question back to me, haha πŸ˜‰

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