How To Make Your Own Guitar

…Or for your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild. 😉

I made my own guitar when I was about 9 years old. I used a Bear Brand milk carton and some rubber bands (I can’t remember how many). This one is a grown-up’s work, but I think the original looked better. 😉

melisa_first guitar

The step-by-step process is explained below in photos. You need to be very careful in cutting out the circle. I first poked a hole in the middle of the circle, cut out a larger part, and then from there I followed the shape with a pair of nail scissors. When I discovered that the “curved” pair of scissors fit my little fingers and I could quickly cut cartons with it, I used it to cut little boxes into miniature buildings, houses, tables, chairs, and this guitar.

With the exception of the old sofa’s wooden arm, everything else has been duplicated—including the stretching out of those rubber bands so it would be easy for me to slip them over the carton.

melisa first guitar_how-to

Now you can know what it sounds like. Enjoy your music! 😉  ⓜ


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