Some Problems Could Be Solved By Making Drawings

From elementary school up until now, I have always used my original system of literally drawing mathematical problems.

I am still amazed at the remembrance of those classmates who could look at the board in a second and then write down their answer a lot quicker than I could finish reading (and understanding) the first sentence.

My mathematical ability is limited to the number of my fingers and toes. Everything else exceeding them are rendered in sticks and circles and a poor child’s imagination. As far as I am concerned, since I prefer to live a simple life, my simple math is enough to help me solve problems. Anything else complicated is handled for me by my personal assistant, The Calculator.

But in school, you just can’t use your own system. They have already made the trail for you and you cannot just blaze your own trail for a short-cut. I dislike complicated things, so I try to make short-cuts. But schools don’t accept short-cuts.

I once drew coins on my answer sheet to help me solve a coin problem in high school—and I got the answer right. But our teacher said it was incorrect because I didn’t go through the process of solving algebra equations (you know, the x + y – z thing). 😦

I take great interest in numbers because I know they can spell the difference between a fortune and a misfortune—especially when paying taxes, fees, and utility bills. Unfortunately, numbers seem to have no interest in me.

The only numbers that I can effortlessly recognize and count and solve without making any drawings are those found on my paycheck. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Some Problems Could Be Solved By Making Drawings

  1. I am absolutely terrible at maths. Luckily phones and computers always have calculators on them. I think the further away from being in high school I get, the worse my ability to work out simple mathematical problems gets. I probably should have paid more attention in maths class, I wrote stories, poems and drew pictures instead!

    • Here’s a high five! But I think it’s not that we are really terrible at it. It’s just that we’re not interested in it. It’s just like the engineering students I met in college. They said, “In our English class, we would tell our professor, ‘Ma’am, please make us solve a hundred math problems than write a short essay!”

      You wrote stories and poems, and drew pictures during math classes?! Amazing! I just either stared at the numbers or drifted into my wonder world.

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