Reading From Cover To Cover

Papa’s favorite newspaper is The Daily Tribune, a very “thin” newspaper. His favorite columnist is, of course, its editor-in-chief and publisher, Ninez Cacho-Olivares. But today, after going to the market with Mama, he brought home a copy of The Philippine Daily Inquirer, a very “thick” newspaper.

Like most broadsheets, the Inquirer has plenty of pages. I usually read only a few news items, commentaries, and articles. But to make me feel the money was well spent, my eyes scan the whole pile of papers, going through all those bold letters (especially those of the headlines) and creatively designed fonts and advertisements (I love reading ads). Sometimes, of course, I skip the first or last phrases in the title, even though I’ve got four long-ranged eyes. This is how I economically read newspapers from cover to cover.

Today’s paper is particularly interesting.

Mass for Mama Mary
Vying for viewers “extreme” attention
Daniel Radcliffe evolves…

Iran’s president offers to broker…
Obama open to Iran meeting
13 injured…
Brain-eating amoeba
Condoms for arthritis
The Volvo Advantage
PH seeks more tourists…

Pinagaan na bigating offer! Up to 55% Buy-back
In loving memory of
Obituary Requirements
Notice to the Public
Wanted to Buy
Employment Opportunities

Lenovo recommends Windows 8
“Don’t believe people who do not believe…”
Saturday Special
Room for improvement
50% off The Addams Family
Now Showing
Enjoy free movies all year-round!
Runner Runner
Bloodbath at the movies
Buy your tickets now!

What’s the Buzz?
Judgment day
Finding love–and themselves–in 40 days
Meet the “stunners”
Dream come true
Finally, The Killers live in Manila

“Why are they not running out of bullets?”
President “very strict” about Malampaya Fund, now ₱130B
…checks worth ₱900M issued to 12 Napoles NGOs in just 3 days
Curiosity kills Martian myth…
Church “obsessed” with birth control, abortion and…

Tragedy’s use for pork brings rage
Whirlpool. Just like family.
Never again
Creeping amnesia
Inclusive happiness

Mixers tab No. 2 slot
First Day Offer ₱3,000 OFF your Galaxy Note 3
Pay with points, save your cash
Text us your feedback

Power Situation Outlook for Saturday, 21 September 2013
Stocks down on profit-taking
Optimism is back in the game

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