The Constant Things In Life

“What are some of the constant things in your life?”

In her revealingly insightful post, Constants In Change, S&S asked it. I believe it’s a great idea to ask yourself the question because it opens up your heart and give you additional keys to knowing and understanding yourself. I found it very helpful so I’m “reblogging” her idea. πŸ™‚

I have difficulty in taking medicinal tablets and capsules. I only take a small ibuprofen capsule for my once-a-month headaches and stress-induced headaches. If I could endure it, or if an ointment or a mini massager will do, I don’t take any medicine at all.

Seeing or hearing a child being beaten and verbally abused by an adult makes me feel agitated.

Injections and blood tests repulse me. The sight of a syringe bothers me.

I “feel” things. So sometimes my brain protests over decisions made from emotional weather reports, “Melisa, how could you possibly forget me?”

Hearing raised, angry voices and biting remarks sends shivers down my spine and sounds the ding-ding-bell alarm in my headβ€”which automatically turns off all visual and aural sensors, and blocks the intruder’s message.

When I’m focused, I forget about other things. When I remember everything, I forget to focus.

I readily smile and chuckle every time I see or hear a child/children laughing or singing.

I have always believed wished that every person I meet is a nice person. It makes me feel happy when their niceness rubs off on me.

Playing music makes me forget my predicament. Unfortunately, I forget about it when I think about my predicament.

Exchanging stories with my parents and younger siblings will always be a favorite activity to me. Only when the weather is sunny. (Thankfully, they understand my weather patterns.)Β  πŸ˜‰

Seeing balloons, kites, dragonflies, bird flights, and helicopters always rekindles the joy of childhood curiosity and fascination in me.

Remembering these constants can help me face things I dread (that I usually avoid) and try to do something about them, as well as help me summon quickly in my mind those ordinary but beautiful things that lift my spirits. It’s not really easy, but I’m happy and thankful for the experience of being alive. πŸ™‚ β“œ




3 thoughts on “The Constant Things In Life

  1. Great list, Melisa and thank you for mentioning my post! πŸ™‚ I love exchanging funny stories from childhood with my siblings and parents especially when the truth of those stories comes out. I hate needles too but I am so used to having blood tests that now I barely flinch. To me, blood tests are worse than injections because they are taking a part of me away, I made that blood!

    • You shared something beautiful with us, so I wanted to share something about myself. πŸ™‚ Here’s a high five for our love for exchanging stories! I will share stories next time after the flood of busyness has “subsided”. The water’s still up my neck. 😦

      You are a brave girl, I just couldn’t do that! I wish I were like that during blood tests.

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