What Keeps You Blogging Regularly?

I admire prolific bloggers, especially those who stick to their blogging schedules. I feel sad, though, when I come across “dead” blogs that seem to be quite a great read.

I’ve set up blogs before, and I had to delete or leave them for some reasons. I’ve got three “dead” blogs 😦 , but I use one of them to experiment with interesting WordPress themes.

When I finally decided to go at it—again, I did it only to try someone’s idea that you just do it NOW and then make adjustments later. When I jumped on this idea of Do It Now, I had lots of things that I wish to blog about, even though I haven’t completely visualized what my blog is going to be. What spurred me into action was my thinking about this:

“If I die tomorrow, what a sad thing it is that I haven’t shared a little of myself with others!”

And I’m not the kind of person who does things quickly. My brain unfortunately acts slowly, and I guess that has something to do with how the rest of my anatomical features decide to move at a certain speed. 🙂

The only concrete thing that made me decide to go at it “Now” was that I wanted to have some online home that’s permanent. I thought about finally keeping a blog, a space of my own, because I chose not to be on Facebook and I don’t know how to use Twitter, either. I just feel so at home—and secure, with WordPress and its whole blogging community.

It’s quite easy for me to make an excuse that I’m “busy,” although that’s an honest assessment of my current life. Since I tend to think slowly—and since English is not my mother tongue, you can guess the extra work that my brain has to do for me so I can get out the real words that I want to say. 🙂

One thing that really keeps me from blogging with predictable regularity is my introversion. I guess my blog reflects it. There are times when I feel like I don’t wish to be online—which I see as my door to the larger world in contrast to my small private world.

In real life, sometimes I really do not wish to go out; I just want to recharge and savor some quiet period. When I go out, just like in real life, I do want to talk and exchange stories, I can spark a conversation with a total stranger. But sometimes I do need to go out and meet people, so it takes me a lot of effort to condition myself to be “open” and to talk. I prefer solitude but I definitely cannot live without speaking to anyone, exchanging stories and laughter. No, I will die early and miserably if I were a recluse and never talked with others!

Another thing, I guess I’m somewhat obsessed with preparing each post as if it’s the last post I’m going to share (except this random one). I edit my photos, aside from taking time to choose from a number of similar shots, and I experiment with the font size and alignment that I find interesting. Somehow it’s one way of trying to reclaim my old flame with arts. I really want to reclaim what I had sort of “lost” as times changed and I believe blogging could help me.

How about you, what made you decide to set up a blog, and what motivates you to keep your regular pace of blogging?


5 thoughts on “What Keeps You Blogging Regularly?

  1. I spend a lot of time at my computer and I write a lot so one day I decided to start blogging. I guess it started as a place to vent my struggles but I also like reading what others have to say so I like following all sorts of blogs. I think I blog pretty regularly because a lot happens to me which I hope others can relate to, help me with or get a laugh out of!

    • I was actually thinking of mentioning this in that one post you had where you mentioned that the only one who envies you is your cat because you can use your hands to open cat food. 🙂 I envy you in a positive way because I really appreciate it that you are prolific and very good at writing stories. Also, I love your posts because they’re moderately short but full of thoughts already. I like concise writing like that.

      I really want to keep blogging and keeping this for life. It helps me when I can “mingle” with others 🙂 For now I’ll take baby steps and go back to my original plan of taking things one at a time.

      Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with me, S&S!

  2. I like blogging to share myself with others.
    Blogging is the most important thing in my life. It helps me to heel my stress.
    I would like to thank u for being one of my own important readers.

  3. eureka! i am usually on a good mood swing when I add a new post to my blog lol, and i have to write, edit, post, edit, update in that order! thanks for the beautiful question Melissa!

  4. there are things that images can not explain alone, such as the back stories, the behind-the-scenes, the thought process, it frees your mind when you are able to write all these down…

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