Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Look at it as: (1) exciting because it’s a First Time, (2) an opportunity to experience something different and one of a kind, and (3) an adventure to be enjoyed.

In getting out of your comfort zone you will either be greeted with success or failure. Whichever comes as a result of the change, see it all as a LEARNING EXPERIENCE.


Why You Should Stop Procrastinating

You’ve got to start NOW

and practice doing things unhurriedly. But FAST.

If you work fast, you finish more tasks.
If you finish more tasks, you finish your assignment quickly.
If you finish your assignment quickly, you save time.

If you save time, you remove the anxiety of leaving an unfinished job.
If there is no anxiety of leaving an unfinished job, you don’t go home mentally exhausted.
When you don’t go home mentally exhausted, you have time for activities you love. Continue reading

Savor Those Ordinary Moments

EVERY DAY seems to be the same.
You hear the same sounds, see the same things, and do the same chores.
The common, the routine, the ordinary.

But one day you’ll miss them badly—
one by one,
when they break away from
the common, the routine, the ordinary,

and slip into the realms of eternity.

Savor those ordinary moments. Hug them close to your heart—even if you have to do it EVERY DAY.