melisa Tree

I hope the seed I bear
Is worth a human’s toil and care.

If I stand the test of time and trade
May I last to be at least a shade
To at least one tired traveler.


Some Problems Could Be Solved By Making Drawings

From elementary school up until now, I have always used my original system of literally drawing mathematical problems.

I am still amazed at the remembrance of those classmates who could look at the board in a second and then write down their answer a lot quicker than I could finish reading (and understanding) the first sentence.

My mathematical ability is limited to the number of my fingers and toes. Everything else exceeding them are rendered in sticks and circles and a poor child’s imagination. Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Guitar

…Or for your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild. 😉

I made my own guitar when I was about 9 years old. I used a Bear Brand milk carton and some rubber bands (I can’t remember how many). This one is a grown-up’s work, but I think the original looked better. 😉

melisa_first guitar Continue reading