melisa Tree

I hope the seed I bear
Is worth a human’s toil and care.

If I stand the test of time and trade
May I last to be at least a shade
To at least one tired traveler.


In Greed We Trust

In politics there is nothing new under the sun. In Greed We Trust, and we are too schemingly intelligent to trust any other. It is rather agreed upon, albeit unconsciously (but more so, quietly), that it is The System; and any running system, no matter how ill-functioning (esp. in the moral sense), is simply dismissed as It has always been that way. Now we have bred a culture of passivity.

Greed takes various forms and shapes and sizes, and it is quite blasphemous, politically—and to a great extent, despicably horrifying—to mention what transpires under the table. It is as horrifying as discovering what transpires in your own bedroom, if you’ve been “happily” married, while you’re away to provide your family the comforts of life and your spouse is having an illegal transaction with your neighbor—not under the table but under the bed, figuratively. And it is as economically blasphemous when facts point to you as being the one who solely purchased—and not without much financial effort—the elegant queen-sized bed, literally. Continue reading