“What You Share With The World Is What It Keeps Of You”

I’ve always been a solitary being, but I cried and felt a deep connection with humanity the first time I watched this video:

Regardless of how we all see Christmas, I respect our differences, and I am happy and grateful for Its existence in our world.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas. Thanks so much for your time and your beautiful humanness. And your loving kindness.

With love from another human being. ❤


Savor Those Ordinary Moments

EVERY DAY seems to be the same.
You hear the same sounds, see the same things, and do the same chores.
The common, the routine, the ordinary.

But one day you’ll miss them badly—
one by one,
when they break away from
the common, the routine, the ordinary,

and slip into the realms of eternity.

Savor those ordinary moments. Hug them close to your heart—even if you have to do it EVERY DAY.

Just For You

Budding Pink Rose