When You Visit A Blog


When you visit a blog,
Stay. Stay like a guest,
Savor the moments.

There is much to behold
From another window—
You see another soul
And then you see your own.



How to avoid a panic attack when the electric bill arrives

meralco bill

According to two allies of the President, it’s time for him to kick ERC Chair Zenaida Ducut out of office for approving the unprecedented rate increase of Meralco without even looking into whether this was “warranted.”

I’ve already prepared for the “worst” because at home I’m the one who takes care of our utility bills. There are lots of numbers in the billing statement, and my brain gets a bit choked at the sight of them (here’s why), so I devised a way for me to avoid getting some “panic attack” when the electric bill arrives:

I look at the bar graph first.

I jump in excitement when I see the bar drop from last month’s consumption. But when I see the bar jump in excitement, I pray solemnly that the difference from last month’s bill is not that heart-breaking—no, pocket-breaking! 🙂

Living In Glass Castles

colorful fishy

“You know, we used to have a very large playground…”

Manila Ocean Park (Manila, Philippines)

Just For You

Budding Pink Rose

An Honest Trade

A young man carrying a sack on his back. (Manila, 2009)

A young man carrying a sack on his back. (Manila, 2009)

There is no lowly work for every honest man

who will brave the winds and rain and floods
and the scorching heat of the sun

and gladly toil for an honest trade
his calloused hands could find.